Your Choices for The Perfect Gift Cards

Your Choices for The Perfect Gift Cards

Attractive, high-quality, expertly produced gift cards enhance your company’s reputation and have a positive impact on sales and profits, whether you are an independent retail store or a large multinational chain. At Impression Visa Gift Card Balance we specialize in the design and production of gift cards and loyalty cards for all types of businesses and all occasions.

Our entire process, from design and manufacture to specialized packaging and distribution, is done in-house. Your card will be made to measure, to the highest standards and with the greatest attention to detail, to satisfy you completely and please your customers.

We not only design, print and personalize your cards, we can also put you in touch with our point-of-sale systems vendor partners, gift and loyalty program management, if such a program is needed.

Do not be neglected!

Our sales and design teams can help you create striking, original cards and high quality finishing products (carriers and diffusers) that will help your product stand out.

Available features:

Impression Visa card will work with you to create a unique product that meets all your needs. We offer several features – the only limit is your imagination – some of the most frequently requested features:

  • Magnetic tape and encoding
  • Drop-on-Demand (DOD) and thermal printing
  • Variable data printing
  • Gilding
  • embossing
  • Scratch and signature panels
  • Packaging / labeling
  • Plastic is no longer a bad word!

In our environmentally conscious world, Impression Visa card is pleased to offer an environmentally friendly option for our traditional plastic cards. In collaboration with our partners, we now offer products made from a herbal polymer that is fully recyclable. This ingenious material is not only better for the environment, but it also provides a finished product that has as much impact as our traditional plastic products.

Impression Visa card operates a secure installation, ensuring the protection of critical data and other information specific to your business. Our security measures not only include our production facilities, with a strict entry / visitor policy, but also include our online data transfer methods; allowing you to download your information on our servers with confidence. We place a lot of importance on the safety of your product.

  • Are you a business owner and want to offer gift certificates or gift cards to reward your employees?
  • Do you want to be sure that your investment will be used effectively?
  • Here are our tips to maximize the impact of your checks and gift cards.
  • Our 3-point method to motivate your teams by offering checks and gift cards.

Create the context

It’s a good time to spend together so create the context to offer your gift vouchers!

Your Choices for The Perfect Gift Cards

What will the context depend on? Several criteria:

  • The importance of the action of the employee or agent (best sale of the month, a site completed on time despite difficult conditions, sincere and regular involvement, etc.),
  • From your goal (loyalty, pleasure, bring more buying power, stimulate)
  • The profile of the person; someone proud and externalized will be flattered to receive their gift vouchers in front of the team, while a reserved person will appreciate receiving it as an aside.
  • You have grasped the principle! It’s up to you to judge whether to offer your gift vouchers during a weekend business meeting, during a lunch for two that brings a context of proximity, during a monthly interview with an official character.